Mais Sangar

Founded in 1969 by the brothers Djalma Tomé e João Batista Tomé, its activities restrict themselves to the production of commercial prints. The dream of growth of the partners, sustained in actions to improve the quality of services provided. The strong relationships and highly reliable with their customers and market, was vital to the evolution of the business.

In 1985, the company gets a new partner, Davidson Guilherme Tomé, son of Mr. Djalma Tomé. Today in the role of president, is proud to the summarise that our achievements are based on a past full of pride, and the vision of a future built on this, a tireless commitment to the innovation of our products, modern technology and human values that are perpetuated, in always putting close to the needs of our customers.

Overview of Gráficos SANGAR represented the Line of time.